BetterDeck FAQ’s

Find answers to common questions about composite decking, railing, maintenance and Installation.

Maintenance FAQ

1Q: Can I power wash my composite decking products?
A: Yes, you can use a pressure washer with wide fan tips, at low pressures under 3,000 psi and at safe distances, 10" above the surface of the deck. Use extreme caution. Improper use could lead to damage of the surface and void your warranty coverage.
2Q: How can I clean dirt, grime, rust and spot stains (grease, oil, etc.) from my composite decking?
A: Contact us to request a suitable deck cleaner. If the stains have set, you may choose to lightly sand the surface of your decking using a fine sandpaper (follow the wood grain). Note that sanding should only be performed if your deck boards are from our non-capped ranges. Our capped boards can simply be wiped clean.
3 Q: How can I remove scratches from my composite deck?
A: To remove scratches/cuts/nicks from our non-capped deck boards, brush the surface with a wire brush in the direction of the wood grain. Do not use a wire brush on our capped composites – since these products come with a protective sleeve.

Decking FAQ

1Q: Can the composite decking be installed over an existing paved/concrete area?
A: Yes, although you will require at least a 50mm joist system (supported by substrate) over which to build the decking.
2Q: Can the boards be cantilevered?
A: Yes – all of our deck boards can be cantilevered 1 inch over the final support.
3 Q: Can I use a router on my composite decking?
A: Yes, as long as you are working with one of our non-capped composite deck ranges. We do not recommend using a router on our capped composite deck boards.
4Q: Can I paint/stain my composite decking?
A: Yes, although we don’t recommend it. Applying paint or stain to your composite boards will necessitate a regular maintenance programme going forward, and of course we cannot guarantee or vouch for the performance of any paint or stain that you use on our products. 
5Q: Do I have to leave a wider joint on butt joints? 
A: Yes, you should install in accordance with our installation guide to allow for thermal expansion along the length of the board.
6Q: Is your composite decking material child-friendly?
A: Yes our decking does not splinter or rot and is known for its slip resistant properties.
7Q: Is your composite decking suitable for salt water environments?
A: Yes – our moisture-resistant boards cope incredibly well in salt water environments and are a great choice for piers and other seafront installations. We have supplied our products on many marinas and jetties over the years. 
8Q: Will the colour of my composite decking fade over time?
A: Yes, though to a significantly lesser degree than most other decking products. Our non-capped boards will lose about 7% of their colour density in the first 4 months; after this initial period, the colour will remain stable and consistent going forward thanks to the UV-resistant pigments used to create our decking. Our capped composite decking will not fade.
9Q: Is your composite decking environmentally friendly? 
A: Yes – click link to get more detailed information.

Installation FAQ

1Q: What span should I use between joists?
A: We typically recommend a 400mm maximum width between centres of timber joists.
2Q: Do you supply timber joists?
A: Yes, we do supply high quality pressure-treated timber joists. After a lot of research, we sourced this timber from the U.S., where all the pressure treated timber is rated for ground-contact and is third-party tested. The preservative has complete penetration to the centre of the timber, unlike Irish-treated timber which typically has 3mm preservative penetration.
3Q: Can I build my composite deck directly onto my flat roof terrace?
A: Yes, but take advice about the suitability & strength of your structure from a qualified person.
4Q: Do I butt joint boards tight to the next decking board?
A: No, the butt joints should be positioned in conjunction with recommendations contained in the installation guide to allow the decking boards to expand or contract with temperature variations.

Railing FAQ

1Q: Am I able to cut the railings to custom size? If so, what is the best kind of saw and blade to use?
A: Yes, our railing can be cut down to fit between existing posts. We recommend using a sharp 32-tooth carbide-tipped blade.
2Q: What baluster styles would work with your railing?
A: Our railing has matching solid, square balusters and black aluminium balusters. You can also fit custom glass panels into our system.
3Q: Can I paint the composite railing?
A: You can paint our composite railing; however, the durable finish enables the railing to withstand the elements without ever needing paint. If you do decide to paint your railing, consult a paint specialist to ensure the proper paint is used. We do not recommend painting any of our composite products as this will necessitate maintenance into the future. Should you have any other questions for the BetterDeck team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!
Should you have any other questions for the BetterDeck team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!