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Why Our Composite Decking?

The best raw materials
Our product is composed of North American yellow pine wood flour and virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Through the advanced Strandex Technology manufacturing process, the wood material is completely encapsulated by the polyethylene resin. Because of its high wood fibre content (50%+), our product exhibits many of the same characteristics of wood decking.

Composition and formulation
Because the finely ground wood flour is evenly coated with polyethylene, Our composite decking is much more dense than other composites. This dense material is woven into cable-like strands that interlock. Just as individual strands of wire combine to make cable stronger, which produces a stronger, more stable product without the spring-like bounce that's commonly felt when installing or walking on traditional plastic decking.

Superior wood encapsulation
You'll notice the color is fully dispersed throughout the plank, and it looks and feels better than common composite decking products. The reason is our exclusive Strandex Technology-a precision process that fully coats the wood fibres with polymer before planks are formed. It also means added protection against mold and mildew.

High density composite decking means less room for mold and mildew
Because BetterDeck composite decking is extremely dense, there's virtually no room left for mold and mildew to penetrate and degrade the boards. Other composite decking products are, by comparison, extremely porous and require chemical treatments to combat mold and mildew.

By using high quality finely ground wood flour, we achieve a much more consistent, smooth appearance unmatched in the industry. Other composite decking materials are made with inconsistent scrap wood chips that can flake and crumble over time.

Cuts and installs just like fine-quality wood
With BetterDeck, your deck designs are limited only by your imagination. Like fine-quality wood, our composite decking boards can be cut and shaped using a router or other common woodworking equipment. You'll never have to worry about an inconsistent flake-board texture that is common with other wood plastic products.

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