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Plastic Lattice FAQ

What is Plastic Lattice?
Plastic Lattice adds style and privacy to many outdoor projects without blocking airflow or creating confined spaces. It offers the attractiveness of three-dimensional wooden lattice with none of the maintenance.

What kind of projects can I use Plastic Lattice for?
Plastic Lattice can be used in a variety of outdoor design applications. As a garden arbor or trellis, plastic lattice provides the perfect environment for climbing vines. It can also be used as a semi-private partition for hot tubs, porches and patios, or as skirting for decks and crawl spaces. It can even be used for indoor craft projects.

Will the Plastic Lattice ever split, separate, or rot?
No. Unlike traditional wooden lattice, our Plastic Lattice is manufactured using a one-piece injection molding process that ensures the product will never split or separate.

Is the Plastic Lattice hard to install?
The 4' x 8' sections of the decorative Plastic Lattice are easy to handle, screw or nail. To ensure the best result, it requires drilling oversized holes in the lattice to allow for thermal expansion and contraction, and never over-tighten screws. Our Decorative Plastic Lattice can be enhanced with matching end cap and divider moldings.

Is the Plastic Lattice available in different colors?
Yes. Our Plastic Lattice is available in white, cedar, redwood, and slate gray

Will I ever have to paint my Brite Decorative Plastic Lattice?
No - because the color goes all the way through, Brite Decorative Plastic Lattice won't fade in the sun, and scratches will never show.

Does the Lattice come in any other sizes?
The standard size for lattice panels is 4' x 8', but Keep in mind, however, that all our plastic lattice panels can be easily cut to fit any design project.

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