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Why BetterDeck

Superior Wood Encapsulation
Like the way the color is fully dispersed through the planks? Does it look and feel better than other common composite decks? There's a reason. It's called Lock TightTM Technology, and it is a precision process that fully coats the wood fibers with polymer before the planks are formed. It also means added protection against mold, mildew and decay.

Built From the Best
Nothing but the best goes into our composites. Tight controls on raw materials, exacting polyethylene properties and specific wood fiber size all contribute to an exceptional and consistent product.

More Natural Looking Than Any Other Composite Deck
BetterDeck's products have the best natural wood appearance-hands down! With a proprietary random embossing process on one side and a brushed finish on the other, you won't find a more natural-looking composite anywhere. Break out the router. Miter it like mad. Cut and fasten it just like wood. You'll find it has all the workability and none of the problems of wood.

You go green when you go with BetterDeck. Because the wood components in our decking come from reclaimed materials, you get a deck that not only looks good, but one that's good for the environment, too.

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